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Got a couple of questions?


What to wear?

Stick to neutral colours;-

Stick to neutral colours when planning your outfits to avoid clashing colours. Soft blues and pinks are great too!

Coordinating not matching;-

Try not to match all colours with your family. You all want to stand out! Different styled clothing in simple colours will look beautiful together!

Unless the intent is to match! Then I'm all in!

Add layers & accessorize;-

Make your outfits stand out and add some layers & accessories for extra dimension. Cute hat, flower in your hair, its up to you!

Consider your location;-

If you are looking at an outside location with more colour, consider lighter or muted tones for your outfit to make you stand out!

If you are coming to the studio let me know what colours you want and I'll work around you!

What time should I come to my session?

Coming 10 - 15mins before your session starts is a good idea. We can check all that all the paperwork is ready and what is planned is what you want!


When should I expect my images?

You should expect your gallery link to view the images within 30 working days. Then once you have picked your images and decided on your prints you are good to go!

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